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Bulgaria \ Varna

Price: €410000  
Living area: 350 m²
Area: 1800 m²


Only 65 km from Varna and the sea. Let us introduce you something, that is unique for Bulgaria. On the outskirts of Ludogorie rocky plateau, 4 km long and 200 m high, famous for its steep and mysterious slopes and rock caves, an 18 hole golf course is being built together with a 5 star hotel. The area is well known for the fascinating landscape of many lakes, dense woods and hilly plateaus. The implementation of the unique for Bulgaria project combines golf play with a life aligned with tradition and nature. Adjacent to this and resting upon a gentle slope amidst picturesque scenery will be the Residence. Among this nature will be built 10 family villas in old Bulgarian style. This is something really unique for Bulgaria. You will have possibility to live in the atmosphere of Bulgarian Revival period. With this typical Bulgarian houses. The owner will be able to watch his villa by Internet, even when he is away. Other functions, such as the swimming pool water temperature, air conditioning installation and lighting will also be controllable trough remote Internet access, and also through SMS. The villas are located in plots of 800-1000 sq.m. each, surrounded with pleasant gardens with swimming pools in each plot. You want to know if the gardener takes good care for the garden, but you are in Sophia in this time. This is not a problem anymore, just check out by your web camera by Internet. Or you go back home at 5 o’clock, sent a SMS and automatically the heating system of the house and the swimming pool will be turned on. The first villa will be built with a special promotion price and the garden with be two times bigger. We offer you the price of the first villa. The first villa will be ready untill the end of 2008.

phone: +359 898 645 433
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