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Dear customer,

In order to improve our services in Bulgaria and to avoid any misunderstanding we have written down our Terms and Conditions.

Our charges explained:

Bulgaria Invest Ltd charges 500.00 EUR agent's commission for properties with selling price of up to 17,000.00 EUR and 3% for properties with selling price of more than 17,000.00 EUR.
According to the Bulgarian Constitution, foreign individuals can buy buildings but not land. Therefore the most common method for foreigners buying property in Bulgaria is to set up a limited company which then owns the land and the buildings.

Who can form a Limited Liability Company & how?

A foreign or Bulgarian person (judicial or physical). The person/persons will be liable for the company's obligations to the value of his/hers share in the company's registered capital. The shareholders conduct preliminary discussions on the commercial activities they intend to engage in. Based on their agreement, Articles of Incorporation are prepared & signed by all shareholders. The company exists from the moment it is added to the Commercial Register of the district court of where the company will be based. The entry is made upon issue of a district court decision for the incorporation. Finally, your new company will need to register immediately with the National Tax Register Authority. The process of forming your company can take two weeks.

For a fee of 350 EUR we can set up a company and complete all the above details on your behalf.

If you would like to reserve the certain property you need to place a deposit. The deposit you need to pay in order to reserve the property includes:

1. Reservation deposit (10% of the property's selling price)
2. Our commission of  500 EUR or 3% of the selling price (whichever amount is greater)

Bulgaria Invest Ltd does not charge viewing fee! If the company car is used, we charge 0.20 EUR per km to cover the car expenses. We do not make a profit from this charge!

If you decide to buy a property using our services, we will fully refund the car expenses!

Bulgaria Invest Ltd advices to see the properties you intend to buy in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

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