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A charming and vivid country, Bulgaria, has
existed for more than 13 centuries in Southeast Europe.
This country has an important strategic location
playing the role of a cross road between the West
and the East.
Bulgaria is a land of unspoiled natural beauty,
where time has been known to stand still.

For many of the people who fall in love with Bulgaria,
it’s the fact that it harbours so many diverse and
relatively unknown attractions that draws them into
its charming spell.
From its spectacular mountain ranges, to the glorious
white sand beaches of the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria’s
natural beauty is enough to captivate anyone from the
moment they arrive on their first visit.

Besides its stunning scenery the country also offers
a wealth of Balkan culture and history, wonderfully
decorated churches, tranquil mountain monasteries,
and perfectly preserved rural villages.

Bulgaria has lots more for offer!
Perfect climate! Perfect nature! Warm and kind people!

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