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Bulgaria \ Varna

Price: €12000  
Living area: 70 m²
Area: 1750 m²


A nice one storey house for sale. It is located in а lovelly village in the countryside. The property consists of 3 rooms, a hall and a basemant . The living area is 70 m². The yard is 1750 m², with
some farm buildings. The village is located near the town of Provadia, which is a pleasant place for shopping, eating and relax. An ancient fortress is located just above the town.
The village is just about 45 min distance from the marvellous city of Varna - the third biggest city in Bulgaria, and the biggest at the Bulgarian Black sea coast. All this makes the property an excellent bargain . Enjoy the chance to live close to the nature.

phone: +359 898 645 433
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