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Bulgaria \ Varna

Price: €19000  
Living area: 70 m²
Area: 800 m²


Mountain villa.
Enjoy this lovely villa in a picturesque location near the most beautiful forest in fishing and hunting area. It is situated in the heart of Stara planina ,at about 80 km. north-east of Sofia, near the highway and the town of Pravets. The most close location to the villa is the village of Kalugerovo - a typical and original village inspired with Bulgarian style and traditions. Along with its big garden the villa is an authentic old house with solid construction, big terrace, easy access through rough road. Inside the villa on the upper floor there are two bedrooms, one living room and a kitchen- all for sale with entire antique furniture. There is also a toilet outside the garden. The pictured location is perfect for walking, cycling and picnics as there flows some wonderful and wild rivers;it is at about 20-25 km. from Ribaritza resort, 2-3 hours walking tour from an unexplored roman castle, 20-25 km. from Pravets swimming center/2 pools and a lake/Glogenski,Chekotinski,Etropolski,Praveshki monastery are around there along with one of the most beautiful caves in south-east Europe-the cave 'Saeva dupka'. With its unbeatable views and clear air in this place you could find magnificent sceneries. This mountain villa will give you excitement touring adventures and panoramic view of all Bulgarian beauties typical for the whole geographical area.

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